Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Favorite - Casa Bonita

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

One of our favorite places in Colorado is Casa Bonita! A Restaurant and entertainment destination all wrapped up in a pink castle! It was once featured in an episode of South Park. The food is beyond horrible, the atmosphere is reminiscent of the Twilight Zone but it is guaranteed to give you a laugh. So once a year Rachel and I pile all four kids into the mini-van for the half-hour trip to Casa Bonita. This is our 4th year and the children are only beginning to groan a little. We don't know why this became an annual tradition but it has, groaning children or not! Please join us as we take you through Casa Bonita pictorial tour 2008.

  • Yes, it really is a pink castle. Strategically placed across the street from a wide assortment of pawn shops and tattoo parlors, adding to the general ambiance.
  • The neon sign inside the restaurant says it all when it comes to the fine cuisine offered here.
  • After waiting in a winding amuzement park like line to order your food, you then proceed to the mystery holes. Yes, your food does magically appear through these holes. Next take your colorful tray with food into the seating area.

  • We were lucky enough to be seated by the Las Sopaipillas factory. We even had a good view of the gorilla show.

  • Another great view of the beauty seen from our seat. The interior of the restaurant is filled with lights, palm trees and a waterfall with cliff divers.

  • Ahhh! the gorilla show. Who knew he would break free from his chains and run around the restaurant with uncontrollable toddlers chasing after him? Hilarity ensued, look he even has pants! A gorilla in swimtrunks, where else will you see this?
Our picture tour will continue tomorrow but until then here are some burning questions to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Will Rachel and Kerry make it through lunch since they are still on a diet? This means no tortilla chips or margaritas, IS IT POSSIBLE? Will the children make it through the terrifying Black Bart's Cave or will little Molly be lost forever? Will we buy the light up bunny ears from the wandering saleslady? Will the Saleslady ever stop laughing at the gorilla show? How could she not know what will happen next? He's wearing swim trunks, FORESHAWDOWING - somebody is getting pushed into the water!!!!!

Tune in tomorrow for the stunning conclusion, Casa Bonita's Revenge or Get me a Margarita or Die!