Monday, May 19, 2008

Cheese, Oh Wonderful Cheese!

Regular readers, as you know we love cheese! Luckily for us, there is a fabulous place here in Longmont, Colorado called The Cheese Importers.
They import cheese from all over the world. You have never seen so much cheese before. It is a truly magical place for food lovers and we thought we would take you on a tour.

When you first go into the shop, there is a beautiful gift shop with all sorts of crackers, candies, dishes and paper goods. After filling your basket with all the goodies you find out here, then it is time to shop for cheese. The cheese portion of the shop is in a giant cold storage room. You need to wear one of the lovely cheese jackets provided for you. As you can see in the picture below, I am modeling one of them for you. Doesn't it make me look like I have a tiny head?

Here is the French cheese section. There were at least 15 different kinds of brie alone. YUM!

Here I am marveling at the Spanish cheeses. There is a fabulous Spanish cheese called Drunken Goat. It is a goat cheese infused with wine, it not only looks lovely but tastes fabulous with a very distinct wine flavor.

More rows of cheese

Did we mention the olive bar? I sampled a wonderful feta stuffed olive. I don't know as much about olives except that I cold eat a whole bowl of them.

Rachel was fascinated with this next cheese. It was the most expensive cheese in the store at $29.99 a pound. Too bad we weren't rich enough to try it. If any of you out there have had the truffle cheese please let us know if it is worth the cost.

The Cheese Importers is a great little day trip for us. Luckily it is just far enough away from our houses that we can't get over there too often. But, there are rumors that they are opening a second location walking distance from Rachel's house. So, you'll know when they open because Rachel and I will gain 30 pounds and walk around in a cheese induced stupor. We count on our blog friends to pose an intervention if this happens! Don't let us become cheeseaholics!