Thursday, May 8, 2008

Almost Mother's Day

In addition to sewing more costumes (yes, I know, never let anyone know you can sew), I have been busy making Mother's Day gifts. The first one I completed is a pot holder set for my mother-in-law's newly renovated kitchen. (shhh! don't tell her I made these for her! It's a surprise!)
I took this pattern from the Sew Simple Book I told you about earlier last week. I thought the pattern was simple enough, make a pieced piece of material using tapered strips of material. The trick for me was to alternate the wide an narrow ends of the strips. I think that I goofed it up several times, but you might not notice if I didn't point it out.

I used a color palette that matches her kitchen colors, a bright blue and yellow. I thew in the green to add some 'pop' to the design. I had fun mixing the colors and large and small patterns to create visual texture. I found heat-proof batting to use inside the pot holders, and added a loop of ribbon for hanging. I made the towel top so that it can be hung from a convenient spot in the kitchen. All I have left to do is add a button to keep the towel attached.

The book suggests that the same idea could be used to make coasters as well. Upon reading that idea, my head started spinning to all sorts of other ideas to use this construction: table runners, place mats, even the front of a tote bag. The possibilities are obviously endless.

I was so excited about the design, that I started piecing more material to make a set for my grandmother. Unfortunately, this set is yet unfinished because I was consumed with making 8 Lullaby League skirts for the Wizard of Oz at the elementary school and the fabulous photo pendants that Kerry and I made for several customers this week. I will show you those next week--I don't want to spoil anyone's Mother's Day surprise!