Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Casa Bonita's Revenge, Part II

At Casa Bonita, you always get free sopapillas at the the end of your meal. Sopapillas are flaky dough puffs that are hollow inside and supposed to be eaten with honey. They are actually quite good but then again we are on a diet (sigh.) Claire decides to teach the kids a new way to eat them. Bite off one corner, then fill the hollow dough with honey (filled to the brim.) Take a bite and watch honey roll down your arm. Of what sticky fun!

After we unstick the children from the table we head to Black Bart's Cave. I head in with Molly, Mary and Claire (Lauren, the oldest of the bunch, wants nothing to do with it.) Apparently I move too quickly in the cave and cause things to buzz at us and can't manage in the narrow passageways with 3 children attached to me and the kids leave me! They go backwards through the cave not wanting to hear any encouraging words I may have. Later they all go in with Rachel and have no problems and nothing buzzes at them or pops out.

If you can make it out, here is our bunny ear wearing friend. She wore light up bunny ears, which we did not purchase (although we did think the boys would find them mildly amusing.)
Our friend is also easily amused by gorillas and we think she may have been getting free margaritas as she kept wandering "backstage."

Alas we had had all of the fun we could at Casa Bonita and it was time to head home. But there is one last amusement to behold on our trek. In a little strip mall, we pass a strange sight. A Casket store named "Casket Mart" next door to a sausage factory! Are Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd the proprietors??? Are their "meat pies" beyond description? Do we even want to know the secret ingredient?

So, come visit Colorado, there is much more here than beautiful mountains and skiing. Take one of Rachel and Kerry's lovely tours to see the "real" backcountry.