Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Freebie

In my mom's massive collection of vintage postcards are a number of antique photo cards. These cards are real black and white photos, made into postcards and mailed. Rarely are the people's names on the cards. Sometimes the people are strange.

For today's Friday Freebie, I have two lovely couples to share with you. Feel free to leave a comment with your caption for these interesting folks. (This is a fun game to play, Amy calls it Fantasy Family.) If you like these ones, who knows, maybe we'll put up some more.

Couple #1Couple #2

(Right click the images to save it to your computer for future use.)
Technical Help Question: Does anyone know why sometimes when you load a photo into a blog the reader can click on it to see it as a larger image, and sometimes the reader can't? I would like the photos to be accessible in that way, however I am about 50-50. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.