Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Around town

I try to be observant. You know, that whole "stop and smell the roses" thing. Sometimes I miss things, sometimes I catch something.

Kerry and I frequently take walks to Waneka Lake. It's a nice, long walk that provides a fair amount of exercise. The lake is pretty and not too far away. On one of our walks this winter, I noticed this in a vacant store front:

Ok, look a little more closely....

The store front is available to rent. Perhaps the owners believe that a little St. Joseph, so often used for good luck in home sales will also provide good luck in rentals. Snopes.com even has an article devoted to St. Joseph with complete instructions for how to use St. Joseph to your advantage. While home sellers and Realtors advice varies, many trust the good fortune this little plastic statue can bring.

But, in this time of down turned markets and slow real estate, what's the harm in believing in a little extra good luck?