Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dog Blog 3

It's me, Blue. I am back at the big old blue house. Do you remember me from before? I wrote blogs here and here. My people went away again and left me with Rachel. It's not so bad.

Let me tell you about my time. We spent all day Monday in the studio. Rachel said she had lots of work. I wanted to walk, but Rachel said all the orders came in since Kerry went on vacation, something about Murphy's Law, whatever that is.

I had an important job. I guard the door. My job is to make sure no squirrels come in. First, I look left.

Then, I look right. Then I might even get up and chase one of those wily squirrels. That's the fun part.

After a while, being the guard got boring. So I went into the studio to see what I could sniff. hmmmm, no snacks out there.

I did borrow the camera and took a self-portrait. (Don't tell Rachel) What do you think? Do I have a future as a photographer?

Well, enough writing, this is hard work. Now it's time to take a nap before those little girls come home and want to play. Talk with you later.

Woof Woof
-Blue (the dog)