Thursday, February 7, 2008

Webkinz Bags

It our continuing quest to use the fabric and supplies that we already own, I too have been doing more sewing. I finally finished the bias tape bag that I started last year. I was inspired by Rachel who made several to give as teacher gifts. The design came from the Martha Stewart website. They make great all around totes with lots of outside pockets for storage. It is also great for using leftover remnants and letting your creativity go, by using lots of crazy patterns together.

After my kids saw my bag, they requested their own so they could carry their webkinz stuffies. Any of you who have children old enough to use the
computer will know all about webkinz. You buy the stuffed animal and it comes with a special code that you put into the webkinz website. You then have a virtual avatar of the animal that can navigate webkinz world. The animals can play, games, buy things for their "homes" and socialize. My girls are obsessed, buying them with allowance money, birthday money and asking for them for any holiday. The amount they have is too embarrassing to mention.

So, I modified the bias tape bag a bit to accommodate the webkinz. These bags are wider and have three pockets in the lower level. Hopefully everyone fits in the bags because I don't think I can make them much bigger.