Monday, February 25, 2008

Little Bowls

So, I need some advice.... On a recent trip to LA, I went to one of my favorite stores that we do not have in Colorado, IKEA. I have never bought furniture there but I love the little marketplace section of the store. They have all sorts of kitchen pieces and decorative, fun items.
I saw these little tiny bowls there and couldn't resist. They came in a set of 4 and were such a bargain. I bought a set for myself and Rachel. I should mention that we both have a penchant for serving pieces both large and small. Little individual bowls for fruit and dipping sauces can look great in a place setting. It adds a formal touch to a meal and when you go to the trouble to place these on your table, people feel you have gone the extra step for them.
Now back to my tiny bowls, they are about 2 inches tall and two inches across. As much as I love them, I don't know what to put in them. They are too small for dipping. They are too small to hold my sewing supplies. They would work for beads but then they would have to leave my house and go to the studio. What is a girl to do with cute little bowls from IKEA? HELP!