Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Gifts

How lucky I was to receive such great birthday gifts yesterday. Amongst them was cash(yay), play tickets, a dozen roses, wine and garden gnomes. Yes, Garden gnomes. They fascinate me. I don't know why except their incredible kitsch value. So anyway here are the new additions to the family. The weather is a bit cold and windy for them to make it outside just yet.


Malachy is a rebel with cause. He turned away from his parents wishes of him going to whittling school. Wagon pushing and duck riding also didn't interest him. Instead he chose accounting. Always in the corner of the garden, counting the acorns, he knew it was the career for him. He's proud of his life choices and we're proud of him too, especially with tax season around the corner.

Seamus' look in his jaunty green jacket, says "Call me." He's an Aquarius who likes long walks on the beaches and Pina Coladas in the rain. He's all about adventure and the ladies. Who knows where you'll find him next.

So, please excuse me while I go hang with my gnomies today. Thanks Rachel.