Monday, February 11, 2008

Tell someone how you feel....

Way back in January, our blog-friend Kat told us that we made her day! It was such a nice sentiment. We are thrilled that anyone looks at our blog, much less thinks that what what we have to say contributes to their day. How nice!

We are just now passing along the same good wishes to our blog friends. Kerry and I read some of the same blogs and some different blogs, so we came up with this list together. (If you aren't on the list this time, it doesn't mean we love you any less...) So, these blogs make our day--

Thank you for making our day a bit brighter with your creativity!

If you are on our list, please choose 10 of your own Make My Day recipients and pass along the award.

(and, here is a shameless plug for our friend Mary Ann, check out her blog and then vote for her in this contest. She entered a beautiful collage and needs your support. Good Luck Mary Ann!)