Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Freebie

Yet another Friday Freebie...
It is such a hard decision for me to make, what do you want to see?

Years ago I inherited an extensive postcard collection. My mom collected postcards just for fun, because she thought the images were pretty, unique or kitschy. Lots of them are kitschy! She used them as correspondence and received many of them from friends or her brothers who searched flea markets, antique sales and yard sales to find the most unique, unusual postcards to send her.
I am fascinated by them! I love this forum by which I can share them with you.

What should I choose for today?
Since Spring is peeking it's head here in Colorado, I am in a springy mood. My trees are starting to bud, I have seen a few tulip bulbs poking through the soil, and I even saw some bees buzzing today (isn't it too early for bees?) This all gets me thinking about warmer weather...

Badminton anyone?

(today's image is a vintage postcard printed in Great Britain)