Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh Lord! What a find!

I must first confess before going any further with this post, Rachel and I went to the store that I refer to as "The devil's playground." I can't even say the name because I am so ashamed, but I'll give you a hint - they have great prices on fabric and every town has one. Enough said. We decided to go down the Easter aisle to see what goodies they might have for the kids. We made an amazing discovery, Mary and Jesus right there on the shelf! They were Barbie and Ken size and spoke words from the Bible! We grabbed them right away and put them in the cart. There was no price on Jesus and Mary but then again how can you put a price on the Lord. We made the mistake of pushing Mary's talk button and then she wouldn't shut up. She went on for at least 10 minutes! Who knew Mary was such a talker?
Later on we found out they were $14.99! Too rich for our blood, so back to the shelf for Mary and Jesus. Maybe some other lucky shopper will find them and they can join Barbie and Ken in the Dream House for cocktails.