Thursday, February 21, 2008

Satellite over Hawaii

Last night the Navy was set to shoot down a satellite that had died and was carrying toxic gas. You can read about it on the AP. The story had been on the news for a few weeks as they waited for the optimal time to shoot it down. I was drawn to the story because it sounded a little too much like a summer blockbuster summary.
The story turned for me yesterday when it became all too personal. I heard they were planning on shooting the satellite down over Hawaii. Not only do I love Hawaii, but one of my oldest friends lives there. My buddy from first grade on, Carrie,(yes,even though our names have different spellings, we suffered through years of school having to use our last name initials for identification)lives on Oahu. I sent her an email last night warning her to watch for debris while roaming the bar scene on Waikiki. I haven't heard from her yet but assume all is good since looking at this morning's newspaper. It seems Hawaii is still intact. So, let's all keep Carrie and the Hawaiian people in our thoughts today. And if you are looking for a good Hawaiian PR person, check out Bennet Group PR and ask for Carrie.