Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Google Ads Sells Irish Children?

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We have recently started using google ads on our blog and were surprised to find an ad for Irish Children at Bargain Prices. Where do they get these Irish Children? Now, my own Irish children (actually half Irish) were no bargain. 9 months of pregnancy,(okay only 7 1/2 with the second one) 11 hours of labor and countless sleepless nights later. Now they even cost more with webkinz and Pokemon collections. Never mind the fact they they outgrow their shoes every 6 months at least. They are always growing and wanting copious amounts of food to go with that. The vats of peanut butter that I have had to purchase since having kids could have paid for many nice vacations for my husband and I. Bargain children, I beg to differ.

So, what are these actual Irish bargain children like? Do they do their chores without being asked? Do they come equipped with the expertise to make Shepard's Pie, Corn beef and cabbage and scones for their parents? Do they make woolen fisherman's sweaters to sell and support the family? Do they know where the leprechauns hide their gold? Ahh, to click or not to click and find out about these mysterious children. Please let us know if any of you out there decide to take the risk and purchase one of them. Send pictures and comments, we would love to know how you are enjoying your Irish children and if they truly are bargains.