Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mundane is Beautiful

It's Wednesday morning. I am listening to the (joyful) sounds of the kids eating their breakfast. Today they go back to school after a week and a half long spring break. (My spring breaks were only one week long, but I guess that's the topic of another blog)

We had a good time over spring break: a quick road trip to Utah, a fabric shopping spree, our annual trip to Casa Bonita (a real treat! also a topic of another blog), gardening, jumping on the trampoline, visits to the park, and play dates with friends.

Perhaps the busyness of vacation shows us how wonderful our everyday lives really can be. Sometimes mundane is beautiful! Now I am ready for ROUTINE! I want to get back to work, to create, to walk, to talk with adults, to do all the things I normally do. So, on this lovely spring morning, I want to share this daffodil from my garden.