Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've got a secret!

Actually it is more like a confession. I confessed to Rachel the other day and she was supportive as a good friend should be. She promised to help me and guide me. Now it is time I tell all of you.... I don't know if I can....well here it goes...............

I can't read sewing patterns!
I know, who would expect this from such a crafty person like me? I am willing and able to attempt any crafting medium and I love to sew. But the patterns?
When I try to read one, my mind wanders and I can't seem to grasp what they are talking about. I can't figure out which way the fabric is supposed to go and they are always pinning things. I am anti-pinning! How can I sew without pinning? Carefully and if it absolutely requires pinning - then I won't make it. How does Rachel put up with me? I don't know because these are surely the least of my annoying habits.
So here is how I do sew, I need to see the fabric laid out or I need to look at a pre-made item. I can then turn the pieces visually in my head and figure out how to sew them together. Rachel is also a huge help. She is usually the one to figure out the construction of our fabric creations. I'll tell her what I am thinking of and she will show me how to make it. It's all about the visual directions, with actual pieces of fabric not drawings.

I feel better. The next time I go fabric shopping, I can hear the exchange now:

Grandma behind the counter: "So deary, what are you making and how many yards will you need?"

Kerry: "I can't read a pattern! I am making tissue holders, 10 yards should cover it."

Grandma: "Good for you honey!"

Sewing Illiterate and proud!