Sunday, April 8, 2007

Casa Bonita

What is there to say about a restaurant that is in a giant pink castle and your food appears mysteriously out of a hole in the wall?

More sopapillas please!

Who is behind the mystery food hole?

Every Spring Break, Rachel and I
head down to the Casa with the kids for an afternoon of cheesy entertainment and bad Mexican food. Watch spectacular shows while you eat - a gorilla runs through the eating area, an old fashioned gunfight and cliff divers. Take a trip through Black Bart's cave with the smoke breathing dragon and watch a puppet show afterwards where one of the rocks in the wall speaks.

So if you ever come to Denver, don't forget to visit the Casa. Raise your flag for more sopapillas and definitely have a margarita.

To see more of the Casa make sure you watch the South Park episode where it is featured. Sadly, the cartoon is pretty much exactly what it is like.

After all is said and done, we love the Casa and no childhood in Denver is complete without it!