Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weather report

We are still in a heatwave. Hot! We are approaching a record number of consecutive days over 90 degrees. If Wednesday reaches 90, we will have exceeded the record of 18 days. In addition to that, we have had 15 days in July at 95 degrees or higher. The forecast is grim, to say the least; it will hit 93 today and reach 100 by Friday.

While this may not seem too bad; this is unusal for Colorado. Many houses don't have air conditioning.

So, we are busy trying to say out of the heat! Today we will step back in time to keep cool. I am taking the girls (my 2 and 1 of Kerry's) to Skate City. It's straight out of the early 80's. Hopefully there will be some good photo ops. Stay tuned.

How is it where you are?