Thursday, July 3, 2008

How cute is that?

My new find:I found this cute little gem in the Target $1 section (for $2.50). It fits all my criteria for cuteness: it has a nice springy lemon-lime color; it is small, only about 6 inches across; it is a petite version of a full size colander; it was inexpensive; it feeds my need for small sized dishes. But would it be useful? Kerry asked what I would use it for and helped me come up with several ideas.

Today I had the perfect use--breakfast:

A note about our absence:
You may have noticed, or not, that we haven't been around much. I guess that's true. With various trips to Pearl Street in Boulder, The Bay in Broomfield, swimming with friends, multi-night sleep overs, and of course shopping at Target, the week just got away from us. Sadly, we both (separately) tried to blog yesterday and couldn't even log in to Blogger. The best intentions. So this week, no favorites, no wit, no wisdom. We'll try harder next week.