Monday, July 28, 2008

Backyard Project

Monday, and I am exhausted already. Our weekend, backyard project was a doozie. Let me share my photos to explain.

I started digging last week to add a flagstone patio to our back yard. While my husband was at work, here is the area I dug:
Here are the rocks I dug up an moved. They were remnants from an earlier attempt at a stone patio.
Here is the trailer I loaded with all the debris.

Here are the materials for construction. The upright sheets of rock are red Colorado Flagstone.
Saturday and Sunday, my husband, my in-laws and I finished preparing the area.

Here is the patio, almost done:

While I was digging, I found lots of bulbs. I will plant them in the fall.

I was looking for buried treasure. You know, maybe some old jewelry, an antique diamond ring, a bag of money. No such luck. Here's what I found. One old bouncy ball, one marble, two polished rocks, a piece of chain, 3 plastic men, a broken earring, an old, iron door knob, and 2 blue ceramic heads. Not riches, but interesting nonetheless.

Well, when we finish, the stonework will enhance the entrance to our humble little studio. I will share more photos when we're done. Any idea of what to do with the heads?