Monday, October 8, 2007

A Horrible Discovery

Kerry and I went on our regular walk around Waneka Lake today (in Lafayette, Colorado). It was a lovely fall day. The air was cool, the breeze had a crisp fall smell. The sky was bright blue, not a cloud in sight.
As we walked around the south west side of the lake, we saw a horrible sight! The boathouse was gone, or mostly gone. All that was left was ugly, charred remains. (photo from
We were both saddened by this. We had each brought our kids here to ride on the paddle boats this summer. We have enjoyed looking at it on our twice a week walks.
Later, at home, I tried to find out what happened. Arson is suspected in the Saturday morning fire that destroyed the boathouse and it's contents. There was an estimated damage of $400,000.
It is a shame. A shame to lose an asset to our community; a shame that someone would set a fire; a shame to see such senseless destruction.