Friday, October 12, 2007

Elizabeth Hagen - Photography

To continue the introductions, today I would like you to meet Elizabeth.
We were looking for artists to participate in last year's art sale. Elizabeth's sister-in-law, our friend Kathy, introduced us to Elizabeth. Elizabeth had recently moved from California to Colorado; and we were told that she was a great photographer. And is she ever!
She takes beautiful black and white photographs of landscape and scenery around the world. Then she adds her own artistic flair when she hand tints those photos. The results are fabulous! Some of the photos have lots of hand-tinted detail, some have minor touches of color, and the works of art created with Elizabeth's careful attention to detail are wonderful.

She takes things one step further as she experiments with the presentation, using tasteful matting and framing, and printing some of her creations on canvas for a truly unique look.

Elizabeth says this about her work:
"My professional background has been in real estate finance though my passion has always been photography and art. I took a course in hand tinting photographs about 15 years ago which combines photography with painting which was perfect for me. I could actually take a black and white photograph and bring either one particular object in the photograph to life with color or create a unique color scheme to the whole photograph. I now love being a stay at home mom and try to do my artwork during naps and in the evenings. What a wonderful life!!! "

Kerry and I were thrilled last year when Elizabeth agreed to teach a class in our studio. We had several students, including us, who were able to learn Elizabeth's craft. With her gentle, thoughtful instruction, we all thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge and expertise she shared with us. It was a delightful evening.
Elizabeth doesn't yet have a website or a gallery showing her work. But her art shouldn't be hidden away!

We hope you enjoy the pictures Elizabeth sent me to share with you. Kerry and I are glad that she is joining us for a second year of the Fall Art Sale. We would love to have you come to our sale to enjoy her work in person. And if you know any galleries looking for work this beautiful, I will pass along the information.