Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Problem & Solution


What do you do when an entire pack of Trident gum is washed and dried with a load of children's clothes? The clothes seem to have survived, the washer and dryer, however, had pieces of gum stuck to the interior and a sugary residue was left, streaking the interior of the dryer.


First I scraped the visible chunks of gum off the surfaces. Then I used a sponge and spray cleaner to remove the sugary streaks. No matter how hard I rubbed and scrubbed, the streaks remained. Not knowing what else to try, I pulled out my Magic Eraser. I, myself, am a Magic Eraser novice. Oh, sure I have heard my friends talk about how the magic eraser gets lipstick drawings off the walls, and crayon off the hardwood. But, I only just recently bought and tried the famed Magic Eraser. I had my doubts, what could be that easy?

Now I am a true convert! I never knew how well it worked. It removed all the streaks and residue from my dryer. Do I sound like a commercial? I'm not. Just one happy customer.

Note to self: Always check pockets before running the wash.