Monday, March 10, 2008

When a woman loves a man, there isn't anything she won't do.

I love my husband so much that last night I watched King of Kong- A Fistful of Quarters, a documentary about video games and the rivalry over being the high scorer on Donkey Kong. It took me back to those early eighties days and my beloved Atari 2600. Frogger was personally my favorite, but I had to have the machine set to easy mode in order to do well at all. This movie was not made in the early eighties but somehow all the people in it still appeared to think it was 1982. The long hair and multitude of video game t-shirts proclaiming their love for Missile Command and Ms. Pac-Man were everywhere. There was even someone in the film who refereed to himself as Mr. Awesome. Now remember this was an actual documentary and not about fictional characters. Mr. Awesome was anything but that, but I digress. My husband really wanted to see this movie and I love him dearly so I agreed to watch with him. I do admit it was interesting and I laughed far too frequently.

One of the most fascinating "characters" in the movie was a woman named Doris Self. She was the 79 year old champion at Q-bert. Do you remember Q-bert? Cute little round guy, long horn like nose. She cracked me up. I was very sad to see at the end of the film that she passed away in 2006. I can't help but look up to a 79 year old woman who is the world champion at Q-bert.

Now admit it, when you looked at the title of this post, how many of you thought this would be about Video Games? That's exactly what I thought!