Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gnomes do Roam

The adventures of Seamus and Malachy continue.......they have made their way to their permanent home in the backyard. They aren't too happy with their sparse landscaping but I have promised to do some planting as soon as it warms up. Malachy gets weary with tax season upon us, occasionally falling down in exhaustion. Seamus continues his pursuit for that special someone and that's where this story really begins.

Seamus was laying in the yard, dreaming of the waves lapping at his toes and enjoying a nice rum punch in a pineapple cup when the dog? of his dreams showed up. Yes, a beefy bulldog with a beguiling necklace of billiards balls sauntered over to Seamus. They looked each other over sensing an odd familiarity with one another. The dog stared longingly at Seamus' tilted red cap and Seamus mused at the weight of the bulldog's necklace when recognition hit them both. This was Frank, the bulldog from The premiere billiards seller on the web. Frank was the official mascot for the site and was brought home by Kerry's husband, Mike. Mike runs Pooldawg and Kerry and Rachel design their billiards jewelry line. Seamus and Frank were long lost adopted brothers!!!!!! What a miracle, they finally found each other. Out of all of the backyards in Colorado, they ended up together, reunited at last.

Go, wipe those tears from your eyes and then check out