Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have you met Aunt Martha?

Kerry and I were shopping one day and found a fabulous craft item! We were fascinated by the pattern choices, the titles and the kitschy packing. We quickly snatched up 7 of these little beauties! There is one problem, however. We don't know what to do with them!

The stated intent of Aunt Martha's> Iron On Transfers is to provide a template for embroidery or fabric paint. Neither of us fancy embroidery, nor do we want to start. But, there must be some other applications for these kitschy-cute transfers.

Each packet contains one large folded sheet of newsprint-like paper with simple line drawings, in reverse. The instructions state that you can get several clear stampings from each transfer by using a hot iron.

I found the directions for the Dutch Girl Tea Towel Transfers most amusing. It emphatically states, "This pattern is DIFFERENT." Different from what, I ask? They go on to give specific instructions for hair, eye and dress color for the Dutch Girl.

The other patterns are equally amusing, with names like "Chicken Romance," "Monkey Business," "Dancing Dolls," and "Barns, Barns. Barns," who can resist? They are reminiscent of the tea towels which hung in my grandmothers kitchen. You know, the kind you can find at garage sales and antique stores that say things like "Wednesday - Wash Day."

We thought the store must have found an old, forgotten box from the 50's, and put them out to get rid of them. But no! Looking at the little packets, we discovered that many of them have print dates in this decade. Who knew?

We're having a give away! So, put your thinking caps on, and let us know what creative use you come up with to use these transfers. Try to think of something other than the traditional use. We will reward your hard thinking. We will choose the most creative answer and reward that lucky person with one of Aunt Martha's Transfer packets as well as a packet of assorted collage items from our own studio. You have some time to think about it. Since we're going on Spring Break next week, we won't choose a winner until March 31.

Good Luck! We can't wait to see what you come up with!