Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Don't look now, but it's July 14. Maybe next time you blink it will be September or December. I can't believe I haven't sat down to write since May. May?! Really?! Have I been that remiss?It's not that I have nothing to say. Everyone who knows me, knows I have plenty to say. Is it that I have no time? No energy? Too many other priorities? I am not sure.

But, I am here, now. So, I will write. Perhaps you, dear reader, will forgive my transgression, will read.

Since the last time you heard from me, Kerry and I, and our respective families (separately or together) have been busy. We held a big sale at the studio, went to Art Night Out, took one trip to Mexico, and one to Hawaii, worked on one basement finish, built and planted two garden beds, celebrated 4th of July, took a mountain trip, went to the Renaissance Festival, hiking, Cave of the Winds, swimming, roller skating, two book club meetings, took the kids to the library, took an altered book class for us, library activities for the kids, is dog sitting, working on never-ending yard work, had a visit from the in-laws and numerous dinners with friends. Exhausted, yet?

We hope you're having a good summer, too.