Monday, July 27, 2009

Art on the Street

Today's Art on the Street sculpture comes from Lafayette Artist, J. Lucas Loeffler. Sky Dance is one of four installed at Festival Plaza in the heart of Old Town Lafayette.

Sky Dance measures 30" x 32" x 12", and weighs 40 pounds. This bronze piece is captivating. Loeffler says, "Years ago I was privileged enough to witness what is referred to as a Ghost Dance - a Native American Ceremony which exhibits many dancers in various forms. The dancer that most fascinated me was the Eagle Dancer. To anyone not present, it would be hard to believe what happened next. The Eagle Dancer seemed to become one with the flame, take flight and vanish into the night sky. This image was a driving inspiration to create this body of work."

J. Lucas Loeffler was born in 1972 on the east coast and moved to Boulder in 1976. At an early age, Lucas showed interest in many disciplines; however, sculpture was the one that suited him most. He began with clay and pottery at age five. He was a quick study and soon began to teach pottery and other classes through his junior and high school years. After high school, Lucas started his own company while simultaneously pursuing his sculpting career. He cast his first Bronze pieces at the age of 26. That same year he was accepted into a wonderful gallery in Santa Fe, who would sell his first sculpture to a museum in Germany. Since then, he has been in many ongoing exhibits, both private and public. Lucas has established the drive and creativity needed to pursue his dreams and still runs the company he started many years ago while consistently sculpting new pieces.
For more information about Art on the Street, to vote on your favorite, or inquire about purchasing one of the sculptures, visit the city website.