Thursday, July 16, 2009

Art on the Street

One of Lafayette's largest Public Art Committee endeavours is the Art on the Street installation. This rotating public sculpture gallery on Public Road in Old Town Lafayette has been in the works for the better part of two years. With a lot of hard work, fundraising and several grants, PAC saw their dream realized with the reception for the unveiling of Art on the Street on June 19. The event was fun, food from Hanna's Catering, music from a bassoon quartet, lots of people, and wonderful sculptures!

I will take several entries to give you a look at each of the sculpture that are part of Art on the Street. For a closer look, come to Old Town Lafayette, and take a stroll up and down Public Road. Three of the eight sculptures have been installed at Festival Plaza, at the intersection of Chester Street and Public Road. The remaining five were on display at the reception, and will be installed later this month.

The first piece I will share with you is the Beanstalk Giant, by Boulder artist Bruce Campbell. This beautiful piece is installed at Festival Plaza, at the intersection of Chester Street and Public Road. It's whimsical nature attracts children and adults to its mystery. He seems to have a calm, wise presence on the lawn of the Plaza.
The Beanstalk Giant was created through a combination of painting, welding and engraving on a grain storage tank salvaged from an old farm. He is a wonderful example of "green" art, which repurposes other materials for a new and creative use. It measures 80" x 64" and weighs 300 pounds.
Through various combinations of welding, painting, carving, and engraving, Bruce Campbell combines painting and sculpture to impart an archetypal, ancient quality and a mystic energy to salvaged iron, steel, wood and stone. The unique shapes and surface patinas, sculpted by time and weather, become an integral part of his imagery, which seemingly emerges from the intricately weathered surfaces. The recycled materials speak to the past through their old world craftsmanship and timeworn surfaces, and speak to the future by sending the message that all can share the planet sustainably while continuing to build, create, and foster cultural expression.
For more information about Art on the Street, to vote on your favorite, or inquire about purchasing one of the sculptures, visit the city website.
Stay tuned for more here, I have 7 more sculpture to share with you!