Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Artist Profile - Sandy Robinson

Sandy Robinson of Sandyland Pottery is today's featured artist. Sandy is also a repeat artist at our annual event. We were charmed by Sandy's whimsical work from the moment we saw it. When asked about her craft, she says, "I call it functional eco-art! It's hand-painted pottery with a unique twist." She finds the pieces of white and light colored pottery at antique shops and thrift stores, she then gives them new life by painting her magic on them with special paint, then re-firing them so the colors are permanent and dishwasher safe.

As to the inspiration for her work, Sandy says, "Inspiration is everywhere! I often feel like I live in a cartoon world and see the funny in most things. Many snippets of what I hear and see spark images that turn up in my work. Life is so rich... and inspiring!"

Being a painter is just one facet of Sandy's artistic life. Her early artistic experiences includes ceramics (hand-building and greenware molds), finger paints, decoupage, wood carving, leather designs, candle making, dried pasta art, scratchboards, macrame, watercolors, acrylics as well as photography, film and animation. She is also caterer and chef, and a practitioner of the healing arts, including reiki and aromatherapy.

One of her current goals is to open a community cafe, with a zero-waste kitchen and a pay it forward style of payment. Find out more on her website, Sandyland.

Sandy says, "My deep love for our precious Earth continues to encourage me to look for ways to reduce waste on our planet. Painting on existing pottery that might otherwise end up in a landfill is a way to blend my need for creative expression and love for the environment. The Sandyland "catch-phrase" is: RECYCLED, REUSED, RENEWED, REBORN. What does that mean to you?"

Come to see more of Sandy's art at our fall art sale this Friday and Saturday.