Friday, October 10, 2008

Artist Profile - Christiane Robinson

Kerry discovered Christiane Robinson's beautiful pendants and we couldn't resist inviting her to participate in our fall art sale. Her work is amazing!

Christiane describes her work as whimsical and colorful, we would also add beautiful and unique to describe her pendants. Under the name Aspengold Artisan Jewelry, Christiane makes pendants and earrings by applying high quality papers, including Japanese chiyogami and Florentine papers, to glass, dominoes and wooden Scrabble tiles. The papers are often accented with swarovski crystals or micro beads and sealed with a special process. Strung from a leather cord, organza ribbon, or silver necklace, the effect is stunning!

She says her inspiration often comes from the beautiful chiyogami Japanese paper she works with, or from nature, her children and travels she's made. She also has an eye for color, trends, the seasons, and art. Christiane will look for paper in the style of artists like Mondrian and Monet.

Currently a Colorado resident, Christiane's childhood was spent in Pennsylvania and Germany. She can trace her artistic tendencies to her youth; she said, "My love of arts and crafts goes all the way back to my childhood. I was born in central Pennsylvania. My father was a college professor of history and art and my mother was an artist trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. As my father is European, I spent periods of my childhood growing up in Munich and Heidelberg, where I was frequently exposed to the arts and music of Southern Germany. I graduated from Salem College in 1992 with dual degrees in history and German. While attending college, I began my first foray into the arts by taking an art class on stained glass windows. For the next decade, I periodically assisted my mother in building leaded glass windows as part of her studio, Arran Art Glass. I am still a member of the International Guild of Glass Artists."

We love the whimsy of the pendant on the back of a scrabble tile or domino. Her glass pieces are equally beautiful with their clean, crisp look. We are impressed with the quality of her craft as well as her eye for color and style. Surely you will agree.

Her work has been sold across the world, from California to Australia and we are pleased she will be joining us next weekend. Come and see it for yourself; it's simply beautiful!