Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Artist Profile - Hope Swenson

Hope Swenson, owner of Mod Dot Textiles, is another local artist we found on Etsy. She creates fashion accessories, children's clothes, and home goods using designer fabric and trims. She uses bold colors and patterns in stunning combinations. From her full sized women's purses (left) and wallets, to her little cell phone bags (see green bag below right) to her adorable girls dresses, we love her work!

Also a Colorado native, Hope was inspired to sew by her "two very patient grandmothers and mother." She and her sister, Tiffany (see yesterday's post), started their textile careers in Barbie fashion, but have grown since those days!

Hope has a wide range of talents including sketching, painting, embroidery, knitting and crochet. She also has experience in metal smithing and jewelry making as well as home renovation. She and her father worked together to restore an old ranch house and a 1900's Bank building.

Even with that wide range of talent and skill, Hope is focusing on design and creation of children's clothes and other textile creations. She describes her artistic process as an explosion! She says, "I throw fabrics together on the floor or tack them to the wall, stand back and contemplate, decide what looks good together, cut and sew. I usually develop a pattern from something that I have already sewn and want to recreate. My best time to design is right before I go to sleep and when I am driving."

Her business, Mod Dot Textiles, grew out of necessity. After their father suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, Hope and Tiffany made the decision to care for him themselves. Hope says, "I was required to find a way to create income while being able to have a flexible schedule so that I could participate in my Father’s care and rehabilitation to the fullest extent possible." While difficult, this transformative experience has helped Hope follow her "Bliss" by choosing to, "concentrate on my priorities of family and simplicity, and continue along my creative path." Both Hope and Tiffany contribute a portion of their proceeds to the Colorado Brain Injury Foundation and Boulder County Hospice.

Their story is inspiring and their work is inspired. We hope that you will enjoy Hope's bright, fun, and well crafted textile creations as much as we do!