Monday, April 21, 2008

A Monday Favorite

Coffee. Coffee is my weakness. Coffee is important. Especially on a Monday when my kids don't want to get up and neither do I. So I was thinking of my coffee favorites. They fall into several categories.

First, coffee at home. I like to drink strongly brewed black coffee from my favorite coffee mug. The mug can make all the difference. My favorite mug had a retro design with the motto "Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge" They were from Uncommon Goods, several years ago. Check out their cool stuff!

My second and third coffee favorites fall under the category of coffee away from home. The most enjoyable is to have coffee with a friend. I enjoy coffee at someone else's home or at a coffee establishment. My favorite local place to have coffee is called Cannon Mine Coffee. It is just a short walk from the studio, which adds to the appeal for me. I love that they always have new art on the walls and something for the community at night, including live music, discussion groups, poker, and tastings (wine, burbon, etc). Plus, Kerry and I make all the lovely candles that grace their tables.

My third, and final, coffee favorite is a Grande Skinny Latte from Starbucks. I must confess, it is an indulgence that I partake in much too often.
What are your favorites?