Tuesday, April 8, 2008

last minute...

I am sure you have been there, if not for your kids, you did it for yourself.... scrambling at the last minute to finish that costume, diorama, book report or term project. This time, the story involves me, my two girls and two costumes for school presentations.

On Sunday we discovered that the Mermaid tail that my 9-year old wanted to borrow from a friend was no longer available. No problem, I can make one, right? So, off to the Internet to Google "easy mermaid costume." Jackpot! There are lots of links with photos and directions for easy to make costumes. She chose some lovely electric blue lamee material, (think Xanadu) and three watery shades of tulle (think bridesmaids of the 80's). We also had a lovely navy blue, crushed velvet dress to modify for a cover-up. So armed with yards of tulle, blue lamee, satin ribbon, and pinking shears, we set out to work. Thank goodness for pinking shears and for fabrics that don't unravel, we may even make it to our Thursday deadline! Happy with our progress on Monday night, she showed her sister the beginnings of a mermaid costume.
And then it happened, my 6 year-old looked at me and said, "Mom, will you make me a camel costume." By Thursday?!? I nearly fell over. Back to the computer. Unfortunately camels are not nearly as popular as mermaids, there aren't many entries when you Google "easy camel costumes." And they are not nearly as glamorous, either. At the fabric store I choose a camel colored felt. Thankfully pinking shears will work here, too. Hmmm, maybe I will throw in a little fabric glue and we might all make it to Thursday with our sanity.