Thursday, November 1, 2007

Spooky coincidence?

Sadly on Oct. 30 my Uncle Tom Emmet Nicholson died from leukemia. We knew it was coming and he wasn't someone that I had seen in over 20 years, but a nice fellow nonetheless. We didn't think he would be dying so soon even though we knew he had been ill. He had only been diagnosed a month ago and progressed badly since then.
So, a sad story but here is where things get strange. My uncle went by both the names Tom and Emmet depending on when you knew him. My grandmother gave all of her boys American first names and Irish middle names. On Tuesday, I was at the liquor store (with Rachel of course) and decided to stock up for the holidays since I had a coupon (I am a coupon queen.) I decided to get a big jug of "Emmet's." Emmet's is what real Irishmen drink instead of Bailey's. It is much less expensive than Bailey's and just as good. As soon as I put the Emmet's in my cart and headed to the check out stand, my mom calls on the cel to tell me Uncle Emmet had died. Odd coincidence? Wait, it gets weirder.
On Halloween, I worked with Rachel and decided to run into my usual grocery store to grab just a few items. As I am standing in the aisle, I hear the loud speaker announce the name "Nicholson." Well my ears perk up since Nicholson is my maiden name. Then the loud speaker person says "Nicholson, Tom Nicholson, please pick up the phone." Weird!
So what do you think? Coincidence or not?

All I can say is "Uncle Emmet, you'll be missed and if you are contacting me, please send lotto numbers."