Monday, September 24, 2007

Studio Tour, Part II

To continue the studio tour that we started last week...

When people come into our studio, there is a lot to look at. It is a small space, but there is a lot of visual stimulation. We kept the walls and the ceiling white to create a blank canvas for all the rest of the items that you can see when you visit.

Looking up, you can see our newly installed ceiling. There is a half loft for storage, but the rest of the ceiling is vaulted. Raw wood beams cross the span of the building. We uses these beams as display for various folk art, dolls and toys that my mom had collected throughout her years.

It is always fun when someone walks in, looks up and notices all the interesting pieces we have displayed. Here are just a couple of photos for you to see. The red boots that you see on on our blog hang from these rafters, too. The boots are the one item we never moved in our renovation of the studio. Kerry explained in an earlier blog, that we don't really know why they were put there, but they have become a icon the studio.