Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Middle Names, ahhhh!

Apparently we have been tagged. I am not as much of a blogger as Rachel (but I am turning over a new leaf and new commitment to the blog), so she had to explain tagging to me. At first, I refused to participate,
"Don't you remember my middle name???" I exclaimed in the studio.
"It's Nicholson!!! That is entirely too long."
Thankfully I was given a reprieve and allowed to use my maiden official middle name of 'Ann.' Much more reasonable for a writing procrastinator like myself.

hmmm. A-N-N
So many words pop into mind...annoying, anxious, alienating, aggressive.....Oh enough self-loathing for the moment.

Let's start again artistic, Aquarian, ambitious, active. They all apply it just depends on the day.

As for the N's. Let's just say Naughty or Nice. It depends on the day.