Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Today was better
Today we worked in the studio. We haven’t done that for a long time, it seems. Our days have been filled with shopping, meetings, and scouting. Not to mention the days that we have to cancel due to the kids off of school or cold weather (the studio doesn’t heat very well).

Today we had studio guests in at noon. We had to stay in. I guess being “forced” to stay in was good for us. It pushed us back to what we do: make jewelry.
Sometimes finding inspiration, after not working for a while, is hard. We are pushed back to our materials. We look at the stones and silver that we have and see what strikes us. Sometimes we challenge ourselves—“we haven’t made a piece using citrine for a while,” or “what can we do with this silver piece?” I feel challenged. We have to change our designs and colors to fit trends and style as well as stay true to our own aesthetic.
We both made several new pieces...I like them all. On Friday we will take photos, and hopefully you will be able to see them on Amazon soon.
Today was good. Good to be productive. Good to be creative.