Monday, March 5, 2007

A Bad Monday

Our day went bust…
Don’t you sometimes just have a day that doesn’t work out? We did. We set out to do a little antiquing, a little junque-ing at the flea markets…and to scout out some new stores for our jewelry. It was a Monday.
After a half hour work in the studio, we hopped in the car and drove north, to the next town… This particular Monday the flea market we had set out for was closed, unexpectedly. Not only that 4 of the 5 boutiques we wanted to take a look at don’t have Monday hours.
So, back in the car. We headed for home. We had a little lunch and thought we would check out a few thrift stores in Boulder. We called ahead to make sure they were open…Luck! All three stores were open.
Our luck didn’t last long. The stores were over priced—they didn’t have anything we found interesting—and, frankly, they stank. No, really they smelled! Bad! Kerry and I almost lost our lunch at the last one. It had the unsavory smell of cat pee and old food.
We called it a day, with little to show for our effort.
I guess some days are like that.