Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a word to the wise

You know I love coffee. I love all types of coffee, but my favorite is a non-fat Latte, no flavor. I occasionally order this small indulgence from a local Starbucks. I usually order "Grande Skinny Latte."
This is all wrong!
A friend recently told me, as a little trivia tidbit, "Did you know that if you order a Grande Skinny Latte instead of a Grande Non-Fat Latte, you will pay 30 cents more for your coffee?" I was horrified! Skinny, Non-Fat, what's the difference? 30 cents for a word that has been ingrained in us by all those Starbucks baristas: Skinny.

So, into the Starbucks I strolled. Knowing the secret, I ordered, "Grande, non-fat Latte, please." Sure enough, my coffee was just a bit less expensive. So, I asked the question, "Is a Skinny drink really more expensive than a non-fat drink?" The barista was stupefied. "Well, it shouldn't be....let's see." So he pushed the "Skinny" button on the register. "Yep, it sure is."

Hmmm.... So, if I have 1 Starbucks a week and order the wrong way, I am spending an extra $15.60. That's not too much, but it could buy me a few more coffees!

Just a word to the wise.