Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Towel Art

One evening on our cruise, we found our stateroom attendant in our room turning down our bed. We thought it would be amusing to tease him a bit and we came in behind him and started joking about him sneaking in our room. Well, we apparently surprised him quite a bit but he knew were joking around in good fun. That evening when we returned to our room, we found a surpirse waiting for us on our bed.

A towel elephant with Mike's sunglasses on

The next evening we came to our room to find ......

A towel d
og with my sunglasses on.

But the next night was the best, we walked into our room to find and amazing towel animal and to find our stateroom attendant hiding outside our door to get us back with a surprise when we walked into our room. It was great fun to have all of these little touches and to have a playful relationship with the staff.

Oh, you want to see the grand finale of towel creatures, okay........

A towel monkey hanging from the ceiling. Now remember cruise rooms are quite small, so he was right there in your face when you opened the door.