Friday, August 1, 2008


(The Aquamaids on Parade are from a vintage postcard. They performed four shows daily at Cypress Gardens in Florida. Feel free to save the image to your computer for personal use.)

on regaining perspective...
I have been doing too much complaining. It's hot. I have to wait for people. Some of the people I encounter seem to be, well for lack of a better word, stupid. (not an intelligent word, I know, maybe I should say unintelligent, dim, or slow )

I realize, I have been doing entirely too much complaining. Especially when I take the time to look around at others.

My 40-something, diabetic neighbor went in to the hospital to have surgery on a foot infection and had his leg amputated from the knee down. What makes it even more horrible, is his insurance was cancelled last month.

Our blog friends Kari and Kijsa are dealing with loss. Their father died unexpectedly and suddenly. They are dealing with the sadness and good-byes that shock a family when there is a sudden death.

I guess, I need to be more thankful. My life is full, my children and my husband are healthy. I am happy. I have always considered myself an optimistic person. I need to live that, complain less and be more grateful for what is good in my life.

I hope your life is full, too. Take the time to enjoy it.