Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Candle Project

Here's a fun project idea:

Collaged Art Candles

1. Choose Candles - We use a pre-poured candle in clear glass. Be sure to choose a glass surface that is clean, smooth and large enough to hold the collage elements that you wish to include. You may want to find a container that has a lip or rim around it that would be used to tie ribbon, yarn or twine around.

2. Decide on background paper (you may use a background paper as a base for your collage, or let the glass show through the pieces of your collage), choose additional materials (photos, stamps, labels, torn paper, tissue paper, etc), make sure they fit
When choosing elements for your collage, keep in mind color (do you match the wax to the outside or contrast? Will the wax show?), theme (is it holiday, personal, nostalgic, cultural?), texture (will you use handmade or refined papers, will you add a yarn or ribbon at the top?), components & details (wax color, base paper, detail papers, photos, ties, tags, charms, words)

3. Apply ModPodge one section at a time, in one thin layer, apply paper or item, smooth to remove bubbles. Note about ModPodge: It is a non-toxic, non-flammable, glue and decoupage medium to be used as glue and as a top layer

4. Allow the first layer to be moderately dry before applying collage items. When you're pleased with your collage, add one or two layers of Mod Podge for durability.

5. Be sure to look at the candle for completeness
Does it need a ribbon or twine tie, should it have a charm, Milagro, tassel, or tag?
These candles are great gifts or accents for your home decor. We make them several times a year to coordinate with a holiday theme.
Enjoy your project and let us know how it goes.