Monday, June 18, 2007

House Guest

We have a guest in the house this week. Kerry's dog, Blue, is staying with us while she and her family are vacationing in Hawaii.
Honestly, I was a little concerned about dog sitting when she asked us if we would be interested. My younger daughter, Molly, has had an unreasonable fear of dogs since she was about one year old. She would cry and tremble if a dog even sniffed at her. We never knew what caused her fear. Some suggested it was from a traumatic experience, some suggested it was because the dogs were as big (or bigger) than she, others said it must be from a past life. Whatever it was, she has never felt comfortable with dogs.
Blue has been a stellar house guest. He is a very mellow, gentle Golden Retriever. Even though Molly has known him for years, she never really warmed up to him, until now. She adores him! The first day he was here, I found her cuddling with him while she watched her Saturday morning cartoons.
This is a wonderful experience for all of us. I have even caught myself wondering when we might get a dog of our own.