Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"F" has its say

Well, the art assignments continue now that we are almost done with the letter projects. Rachel told you all about her "H" piece. Now, you can see the completed "F." The best part of working on this project was working with my daughter Lauren. I asked her for some help in coming up with things that begin with the letter "F" and she just took off. I am trying to figure out how to use this hidden talent of hers. She came up with the most varied list of words that begin with "F." I put a portion of them written on the piece as well as having them represented in the collage. Also trying to represent emotions and action words in 3/D was challenging but great fun.

Rachel and I tried to hide them from each other as we were working, bu,t alas the studio is small. We did our best to keep them a surprise and had fun looking at each of them to see if we could figure out what the other was thinking. See if you can spot all of the "F" words in my piece.

We'll post Rachel's when it is completed and when they find their permanent hanging place in the studio.

We are already at work on our next art "assignment." We'll let you know how it goes.